become a mentor

Letters to My Mentor

- Ryan Fitzgerald TV & Radio Personality
“The most important thing you mentored me on making an impression on everyone I encounter in life.

Ryan Fitzgerald —

- Jean Kittson Actor & Author
“I want you to know that words, reading them and writing them became the scaffolding of my life.

Jean Kittson —

- Mark Beretta Journalist & Sports Reporter
“You’ll never know what an impact you had in shaping the person I am today.

Mark Beretta —

- Georgie Gardner TV Journalist
“You demonstrated something that still rings true 30 years on - truth and love are all that really matter.

Georgie Gardner —

- Mia Freedman Media Owner
“You told me success just confirms what you already know about yourself. Failure is a far better teacher.

Mia Freedman —